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The birth of the Gmail

Gmail was invented as a project of Google developer Paul Buchheit. He had been thoroughly examining the idea of electronic mail before. Buchheit started to work on it in 2001 and after 3 years of hard work with the team of 10 people, Gmail was publicly released. The press release, that was dated April 1, was taken as a joke as Google is well-known for its tricks. But the company's intentions were serious and no wonder Gmail has become the first cloud app that could completely replace the software from the PC, not just supplement it. Let’s see the history of the logotype of one of the most successful services and how it’s changed since the fist Gmail’s version.

First logotypes

Well, the first logo was designed right before the running of the programme. Dennis Hwang, the creator of almost all the Google emblems, put the Google and Mail icons together. Nothing original, except the letter M in the form of a postal envelope. This recognizable logo was invented just then and hasn’t changed.

The next version of Gmail's logo was invented in 2004 and illustrated the name of the service in traditional Google style. Under the word “Gmail” there was a word “beta” on the left side and on the right there was a phrase “by Google”.

Time for an upgrade

During the period from 2004 to 2009 the logo was upgraded. Hwang decided to use sans-serif font for all the letters of the word “Gmail” and the sign “beta” was removed.

In 2010, the logo design was slightly changed again. Firstly, the lettering “by Google” was moved to the right side. Secondly, letters were filled with color differently and the world “Gmail” was made in new proportions. This version lasted until 2013.

Gmail as a mobile app

In 2014 Gmail started to be available as a mobile application and its logo has become a real novelty. Minimalistic and stylish envelope in the form of «M» perfectly suited for the mobile version. Before, this Envelope with letter «M» was a fragment of the word “Gmail” and now it's considered as an independent logo that might be used as a separate icon without “Gmail”.

Seven years later, in 2020, the logotype was redesigned. It has become a colorful and attractive emblem which symbolizes Gmail's affiliation with the Google company. There were used the main traditional colors: blue, red, yellow, and green. The letter “M” consists of this four colors and is geometrically divided into several segments. The two of these segments (blue and red) are overlapping.

In the right corner of the logo there is a simple gray lettering in sans-serif type. It looks delicate and makes the whole image balanced and professional.

Colors and font

New design of the word “Gmail” was much improved. It looks aesthetically and conceptually now due to a new font with shortened ends of letters and full color filling of each letter. Concerning the colors, now the Gmail logo only use red, gray, and white as the background color in its design, while before the symbol included all the colors of Google company. Red and gray both are a little shaded, what makes the 3D effect and gives the logo a dimensional and completed look.